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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Clinical Supervision Training

1)  Are your materials approved by the AZBBHE?  The Board does not offer specific approval of ANY Continuing Education training.  I have submitted copies of all my training to the Board, and several hundred trainees have presented Continuing Education certificates on these trainings. None have reported Licensing Board rejection.

2)  Who sponsors your organization to offer Continuing Education credits?  We have achieved sponsorship from the American Psychological Association. Check with your professional group to learn if they accept CE’s from the APA.

3)  Can I take your trainings over and over? In an email dated 1/15/14, Elma Brambila (AZBBHE) stated that it was permissible to re-study materials from a supervisory training that one has already completed – to again test on those materials and receive Continuing Education credit for having done so more than once.

4) How often do you offer live trainings?  From two to four times a year, depending on the demand, I offer live trainings in Tucson.

5)  Do you offer training to groups outside Tucson?  What is the discount? Yes, I do.  I offer discounts based on the number in attendance and my expenses (preparation time; travel costs; travel time; lodging; meals).

6)  Suppose I cannot attend a live training?  There are online versions of the courses available for purchase 24/7 365 days a year at

7)  Do you offer clinical supervision to individuals?  I offer scheduled meetings on the hour at a fee of $120 per 50 minutes, face-to-face, phone or Skype.

8) Do you offer supervision groups?  Yes I do offer such groups, at a fee of $60 per person per group hour, and with a minimum of three participants. Contact me about starting such a group that meets your needs.

9)  Do you offer hard-copy versions of your training materials?  No, I do not. You can take the downloaded .pdf file to any major copy shop and purchase their hard-copy product.

10) Will you help me with licensure issues?  I will consult with you regarding your situation and the Arizona State licensing laws for the fee of $160 per hour. I am not an attorney and cannot offer consultations about legal strategies.

11) Will you offer live trainings in Phoenix, etc.? In 1990 I did so, and in Flagstaff. The training fees did not cover the costs.  I would consider the idea again if it could be made affordable to trainees and I were compensated as well, suggesting that we need an institution to underwrite much of the expenses.

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