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Clinical Supervision Jobs

How Do I Get Started Doing Clinical Supervision?

Here are some of the classic first steps:

1)  Complete your clinical supervision training (see here lower left corner links) and submit paperwork (cited on the AZBBHE “Clinical Supervision” website tab) to be listed on the Clinical Supervisor Registry to offer clinical supervision hours for licensure

2)  Make a recurring scheduled commitment with just one other professional to repeatedly share and discuss cases using a structured supervisory model here –take notes that are coherent with AZBBHE structure in R4-6-212 here

3)  Join or start any kind of a group here to learn, or teach, a treatment approach (psychodynamic; cognitive behavioral; interpersonal; etc.); insist on presenting here your worst cases to one another and offering “case consultation” to the presenter, following the methods of clinical supervision here

4)  Join professional websites for (psychologists (AzPA); or social workers (MyNASW); etc. in which your peers are asking questions about clinical supervision; offer your opinions in discussions about clinical matters or specifically about clinical supervision

5)  Create a presentation on your style of clinical supervision and offer it pro bono in local community mental health settings

6)  Become familiar with all 89 of the citations on clinical supervision in the Arizona licensing law here

7)  Note that occasionally you will learn of qualified clinicians being hired as clinical supervisors; in December 2018 in Arizona, these fees range from $25 to $160 per hour

8)  Advertise yourself as a “case consultant” for complex, difficult cases in your area of specialty (acute inpatient; substance abuse; trauma; etc.)

9)  Develop a reading program for yourself about current research in clinical supervision like PsycINFO journal database at your university or public library; see literature also (Carol Falender, Robert Langs, etc.)

10)  Continue to talk to your professional peers about your aim of doing clinical supervision; occasionally job offers appear publically

11)  Caution about job offers: you will be offered “clinical supervision” jobs in settings where no counseling nor psychotherapy is being practiced (psychoeducational; residential treatment) and will liable for what occurs there: maintain significant professional liability insurance

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