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Practice Management

Practice Management is the term for the background administrative structure of a professional services office. Whether a dentist, a doctor, a psychotherapist, or a case manager, a service provider is obligated to manage a variety of administrative tasks or hire an administrative staff to do so. 


Managing a practice involves accounting, record-keeping, billing, accounts receivable, credentialing, and a host of other recurring tasks. Effective and efficient practice management directly supports the primary mission of the setting: providing expert professional services to customers. In the 21st century, efficient practice management tasks are facilitated by computers in house, and by the Internet. 


Having been an administrator in my military career, a program manager in mental health agencies, and an independent social worker since 1981, I have managed many offices. I have presented workshops and consulted to other private health-care providers about the business practices that underlie and support their service delivery. And as an organizational development specialist, I have consulted to firms about higher-level management issues, including personnel, strategic planning, board retreats, managing important meetings, and various quality improvement techniques. 


A small part of this practice management expertise, that of generating referrals for independent health-care practitioners, is documented in the tapes on sale in the Store here. 


The set of two audio tapes pictured here, “Proven Referral Methods for Growing Your Practice,” documents an approach to generating referrals in a psychotherapy practice in an era of decreasing insurance support, managed care, and a plethora of providers in your town. One might call it “evidenced-based referral generation” as it involves gathering data and acting on the basis of what you observe is working given your specific set of circumstances. 


Consultations are available regarding all practice management concerns. Please phone (520) 519-8475 for a discussion regarding your needs.

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