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Individual Psychotherapy and Counseling

Psychotherapy is defined as a ‘treatment by communication for behavioral maladaptations, mental illnesses, and any other problem assumed to be of an emotional nature’ (Campbell, 1996, Psychiatric Dictionary). It’s a series of confidential discussions that help bring you insight into your difficulties, and point you in a direction that can increase your skillfulness and diminish your suffering.


Beginning in 1974 I established myself as a generalist in my practice, consequently I’ve worked with a tremendous variety of people with many different types of strengths and difficulties. Most of my work is with adults and adolescents, and I do see a lot of couples in therapy as well. I notice that many of my clients have mood disorders (anxiety or depression), relationship problems, substance abuse issues, and real difficulties in living their lives.


I receive most of my referrals from two sources: former clients who are satisfied with my services – and other psychological professionals, especially psychiatrists and social workers. I am able to bill a wide variety of insurance companies for my services, but remember that your individual policy determines your coverage reimbursements.


I’ve included here just a few items about my psychotherapy practice, so that you can get a hint about what I’m doing. If you seek more details, try the area on this site under the topics of transpersonal psychology and men’s issues too.

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