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Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is a method of dialogue between a senior and a junior psychotherapist that influences the conduct of psychotherapy. It is most often associated with graduate or post-graduate training programs where people with ANY academic degree (MD, PhD, MSW, MA, BA) study in order to learn to practice psychotherapy.

Most clinical supervisors, unfortunately, have had little supervision themselves from a trained clinician. They confuse administrative management methods and goals with clinical supervision, the latter service being a very specific, methodological dialogue that is described here.

There is a host of literature and research on clinical supervision, and a solid clinical supervision advisor or group may be the best method of assuring a practitioner of psychotherapy is competent and efficient.

I have been a clinical supervisor multiple times, in an on-going supervisory group since 1984, and host individual and group supervision privately. I also offer a 12 hour training in clinical supervision that meets Arizona state law requirements. The sponsoring organization of the training is an approved provider of continuing education by the American Psychological Association.

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