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Growing YOUR Practice in a Time of Drought


Psychotherapists of all education levels are under increasing pressure from the economic recession to adapt to conditions that were not present two years ago. There are specific adaptations that work under these conditions, and their effectiveness is demonstrated by data that is gathered before, during, and after the adaptations (change-actions) that a business owner implements.


This one-hour free seminar will offer an over-view of these current business conditions, specifically the threats and the opportunities that exist in our industry, using the first step of common strategic planning methodology.


It will then propose the creation of a “practice development group” for clinicians, meeting ten times during the course of one year, for a $99 fee per each of twelve months to the participants. (Meetings will be held 3pm-5pm on the last Friday of ten months beginning October. Phone and email consultation will be available between meetings.)


The purpose of the group will be to offer short presentations on a series of critical categories of practice development: specific data gathering; practice identity; marketing; the future of independent practices; the impact of mental health parity law; methodological practice building; managing practice costs; research on practice development.


Anonymous baselines will be constructed of evidence-based data points that individuals wish to consider: members’ incomes; expenses; referral rates; return on investment; hours worked per week; retirement savings rate; referrals to colleagues; inquiry calls & emails; average actual hourly income; etc. Participants will choose the practice elements they wish to track, develop, and improve.


Using the group’s collective business acumen and my training and experience in organizational development, participants implement actions and continue to measure the impact of their interventions in their baseline issues.


The methods that I have applied and tested over the course of a successful career have averaged a 10.7% practice growth percentage since 1981. I am confident that these methods and such a group can have a positive and lasting impact on clinicians’ financial welfare and practice development activities.


Please consider engaging in a confidential, methodological attempt to grow your referral rates and income and shrink your costs in a very difficult business climate.


Register for the no cost, no obligation presentation of this idea by sending a confirmation email by September 25th to: . We’ll meet on October 2nd, 4pm to 5pm, at a location TBA near Broadway & Craycroft in Tucson. More information: (520) 519-8475.

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