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This blog is an attempt to speak to both professionals and to consumers who are curious about the topics addressed on this website.

I hope to hear from readers who have contrasting opinions about the materials cited, as well as those who concur with mine and others’ research or experience.  In essence, I am trying to share my own process of the study of these materials, to document many of the sources that seem meaningful to me, and to urge others’ to engage with these materials towards positive personal, professional, and community efforts.

Let me apologize in advance for the slow pace of posts here, as well as for the material that may prove to be less-relevant to you than you would prefer. The errors contained here are my own, and I’ll do my best to correct obvious ones if readers will call them to my attention.

I am convinced that together we can make more progress than in isolation!  In Buddhism they call this the sangha, the community of monks, the assembly, but are in reference to monastic life for progressing on the path to enlightenment.  I don’t have quite that grand an agenda here, but am intent on finding possible connectedness with readers who share these interests, and would hope to connect them to one another as well.

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